Singapore – The actor is here on the sunny shores of Singapore to promote the second season of his hit drama “Taxi Driver” and also held his First Solo Fanmeeting <Vacation>. Prior to the Fanmeeting, Lee Je Hoon appeared at the press conference dressed head to toe in black and looking stylish. He was all- smiles as he greeted the host and audience warmly.

Here are some key takeaways from the press conference: He loves Singapore – He has been here at least twice since the pandemic travel restrictions lifted, on personal vacations and he walks around the island a lot on foot whenever he’s here! No, he does not dress as flamboyantly as Wang Tao Zi (a character that fans chose as his best persona in Taxi Driver) – His personal closet does not contain such clothes, as he says with a laugh.

The actor also reveals that his driving skill changed drastically after he filmed 2 seasons of Taxi Driver. Calling himself a “textbook driver” who follows all road rules safely, he has since learned to do some dangerous stunts (such as speeding and drifting) because of the show. He then candidly says that sometimes he has to remind himself that he’s not Kim Do-Gi and tries to ensure that he drives properly. He loves food – Listing down Hainan Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab and Bak Kut Teh as his choices but when forced to choose only one, he eventually settled for buffet as his option, as he could not choose.

Lee Je Hoon revealed that felt a little lonely as he had to work on most of the scenes in Season 1 alone. However, in season 2 of Taxi Driver, he is grateful that he was able to film more with the Rainbow Taxi Company team, and the most memorable part was when they had the meetings in the basement. He was also glad that he could reprise the role of Wang Tao Zi once again.

Here he is, showing off his acting skills! When prompted by the host, he then proceeded to showcase his different personas from Kim Do-Gi to Wang Tao Zi before smoothly transitioning into the bright smile and laughter of Lee Je Hoon.

Before wrapping up the press conference, Lee Je Hoon sincerely expressed how grateful he is for the opportunity to be here in Singapore to promote his own drama and hopes that he can be back again as Singapore is one of the countries he loves to visit.

We also had the opportunity to attend the first fanmeeting <Vacation> of the handsome actor, held
at Stephen Riady Auditorium, NTUC Centre on 25 March 2023! The fanmeeting consisted of two sessions: 2PM & 6PM.
Before kicking off the fanmeeting, he earnestly thanked the fans for coming despite the harsh weather. Lee Je Hoon then interacted with the fans through a variety of well-thought-out questions which revealed more of his personality and preferences, played an exciting trivia game, and even serenaded the fans sweetly with his cover of LANY’s “Thick And Thin”.
Here are some snippets from the 2-part segment of his Q&A:

His most memorable moment recently – The Fanmeeting and the opportunity to meet the fans in Asia. As a TMI, Lee Je Hoon hinted at his upcoming project – Financial Crime and he will be speaking English so he has been practicing for it! He also revealed a little spoiler for the next episode of Taxi Driver 2, which got the crowd eager with anticipation. He loves that in Singapore, he doesn’t have to travel far to find delicious food in one place and that amazes him. He enjoys street food snacks such as Gimbap, Odeng and Tteokbokki! His morning routine includes having an apple and it’s a habit he’s had for 30 years! The actor also made an impromptu sweet morning wake-up call for the fans that had them squealing in delight. When asked about the workout routine he does, he did not hesitate to do a live demonstration of his push-ups and sit-ups. Later on, the playful actor also teased the fans with a glimpse of his abs which got the fans swooning in their seats.

Lastly, the actor engaged with the fans through a fun trivia game. The crowd was buzzing with excitement as they participated with much enthusiasm right till the end. 3 true-blue fans who got all the questions right won the opportunity to get on stage to pose for a 1:1 photo and even a hug too.

It was definitely a heartwarming and cute moment, congratulations to the lucky fans!
The time spent definitely felt like a vacation with Lee Je Hoon. We hope to see the charming and humble actor back on our sunny island again someday!

Be sure to also catch Taxi Driver 2, currently available for streaming on Viu as well.

Thank you VIUSG for the invite!

Article by : Nurul
Photos by: Yu Shan


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