Apink takes Hong Kong Pandas on a Pink Drive

Hong Kong, 2023Apink, who hasn’t held a concert in Hong Kong for 4 years, held a two-day concert at the Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center on March 25th and 26th. Named ‘Pink Drive’ this fan concert appears to be aimed at bringing us on a ‘River Cruise’.

On the 25th, five members Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo, and Hayoung appeared on the stage wearing pink costumes and started the concert with the hit song Dilemma. The venue was filled with a sea of pink colour and that lit up the venue beautifully. During the introduction, Pandas requested Eunji to speak in Korean instead of English. On the other hand, Pandas requested for the youngest member, Hayoung, to converse in English to which she acceded to their request. It was indeed a very interesting conversation between the members and the audience.

What is special about this concert is that there are numerous solo stages by the members – Hayoung with Dont Make Me Laugh, Eunji with Journey for Myself and Namjoo’s sexy performance with Bird. When it came to I want you to be happy (나만 알면돼), the audience raised the fan support banner.

After changing into white costumes, Apink had another talking segment and following that, they performed LUV, NO NO NO, MR. CHU and I’m so sick (1 도 없어).

When it came to the encore segment, Apink donned on black T-shirts and came on stage with denim bottoms. They performed Shining star and staff members threw large balloons into the auditorium to hype up the atmosphere. When performing Free&Love, Eunji was really excited and she was seen turning a cartwheel. After the group photo, the members admitted that they received great strength from Hong Kong Pandas, and they were very touched by the fan event and that they hope to see them tomorrow (26th) again!

More photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.602645275214506&type=3

久違4年沒來香港開演唱會的Apink,3月25、26號在九龍灣國際展貿中心為大家帶來一連兩場的演唱會,並將其命名為Pink drive,可見這將會是一場「遊車河之旅」。

25號香港首場五位成員初瓏、普美、恩地、南珠及夏榮一開場就身穿粉紅色的服飾登場,為大家帶來熱門歌曲Dilemma,Panda無一不激動的應援!全場更是一片粉紅色應援海,十分漂亮。到了自我介紹環節,Panda們請求恩地不要一直講英文,panda想恩地講韓語,感覺會比較親切,令恩地哭笑不得,panda 反而是鼓勵忙內夏榮講起了英文,寵粉的Apink都答應了panda的要求,是一段十分有趣的對話。

是此演唱會特別在有成員們的solo舞台,像是夏榮的Don’t Make Me Laugh,恩地帶上白熊頭套唱了Journey For Myself , 南珠性感地表演了Bird,都令觀眾們眼前一亮。來到I want you to be happy (나만 알면돼)時,全場更是舉起了手幅應援,十分用心。

換上白色表演服飾的Apink,在又一次和Panda聊天環節中,隊長初瓏特別講到接下來會唱LUV,是一首超過十年的歌,希望大家能一起應援。Apink接著更是一直表演了許多出名的歌曲:NO NO NO、MR. CHU、I‘m so sick (1 도 없어),令現場氣氛沸騰!

來到encore環節,Apink們都換上黑色T-shirt,配搭牛仔下身登場,演唱了Shining star,工作人員更是把大型的氣球拋到觀眾席,讓大家一起玩,唱到Free&Love時恩地更是興奮到打了個側手翻🤸,全場大合照後,成員們坦言從香港panda得到了力量,有手機燈應援令她們十分感動,更表示希望明天(26號)還能見到!

Article: Andrea
Photos: Panda


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