Kang Daniel’s solo concert tour has come to Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2023 – On March 29th, Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center was full of fans of Kang Daniel (DANITY), blond-haired Kang Daniel shined on stage and started the concert with Who U Are followed by Parade. This was accompanied by numerous visually attractive stage effect.

During the talking segment, Kang Daniel greeted the audience in Cantonese and also mentioned that it has been 5 years since he visited Hong Kong. As such, he had prepared numerous songs and performances for every single person who attended the concert.

Changing into a denim outfit with a red headband, Kang Daniel infected DANITY with his energy. When performing Upside Down, DANITY stood up to support him.

DANITY also prepared finger lights and banners as support for this Hong Kong concert.

More photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.602647781880922&type=3

Article: Andrea

Photos: Panda


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