Live hip-hop club series ‘THE TRILLDON’ returns with 2nd show featuring JUSTHIS and MIRANI

Singapore, 2023 – Rejoice! The Trilldon is back! NAYANA Productions proudly presents their second act – The Trilldon: JUSTHIS & MIRANI. Bob to hip-hop the way it should be enjoyed! The Trilldon – derived from the words “Trill”, a blend of true and real, and “Don” meaning King. A specially curated experience, “ The Trilldon” is a one-of-a-kind performance for fans of live hip-hop. Enjoy your favorite music in a trendy club setting with world-renowned K hip-hop artists! With the successful wrap-up of the first show back in December 2022 featuring legendary hip-hop duo, Dynamicduo, the hip-hop series is back with their second show this coming May!

JUSTHIS is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. At a young age of 19, JUSTHIS dived into the industry and released his first album, “2 Many Homes 4 1 Kid” in 2016, which peaked at number 24 in Korea’s Circle Chart. He gained popularity through his participation as a producer in the South Korean hip-hop survival show, “Show Me The Money”. JUSTHIS is known for his unique rap style, which blends elements of jazz, soul, and boom bap, and is a genuine rapper who raps with honesty and expresses his thoughts through his lyrics. JUSTHIS’ notable hits include “IndiGO”, “MOMM”, “The Roots” and etc. JUSTHIS is also recognized for his contributions to the South Korean music industry, winning awards such as Best Hip-Hop Song at the 2018 Korean Music Awards and Best Hip-Hop Album at the 2019 Korean Music Awards.

MIRANI is a South Korean rapper who is known for her unique style and confident lyricism. After her appearance on “Show Me The Money 9”, she rose to fame and released her first album, “UPTOWN GIRL”. She has been praised for her lyrical prowess and technical skills, and has been called one of the rising stars of the Korean hip-hop scene. MIRANI has also worked with many famous idols such as Moonbyul of Mamamoo and Jay B of GOT7. Currently signed to AT AREA, her top songs include “VVS”, “Daisy”, “Lambo!” and etc.

A significant encounter, JUSTHIS was one of the producers for “Show Me The Money 9” in 2020, where MIRANI was part of his team. Together with their team, they released one of the biggest South Korean hits of the year, VVS – ranking at number 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart for seven consecutive weeks and winning Hip-Hop Track of the Year at the Korean Hip-hop Awards.

Come catch both hip-hop stars, JUSTHIS and MIRANI performing for the first time ever in our sunny island on 25 May 2023 at Drip Singapore!


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