Tiger® Invites You to Experience a Refreshing Bold Twist to Lager with All-new Tiger Soju Infused Lager

Tiger® Invites You to Experience a Refreshing Bold Twist to Lager with
All-new Tiger Soju Infused Lager

● Tiger® launches new Tiger Soju Infused Lager across Asia
● Brewed with a smooth Tiger lager recipe and infused with a touch of soju in a range of natural flavours, Tiger Soju Infused Lager lands on store shelves in Singapore and Vietnam, with more markets to follow

Singapore, 2023 – Tiger Beer, the number-one international premium beer from Asia, debuts Tiger Soju Infused Lager, an easy-to-drink lager with a hint of sweetness and a refreshing beer aftertaste, uncaging a bold new Tiger® experience. Tiger Soju Infused Lager takes inspiration from K-culture’s rising prominence globally and taps into the popularity of soju. Tiger’s latest innovation goes beyond lager with a range of natural flavours that appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers who seek products that bring an exciting fusion of progressive flavour and innovative experimentation.


Who better to represent this bold side of Tiger® than G-DRAGON – leader of BIGBANG, a renowned South Korean artiste and international trendsetter at the forefront of music, fashion and culture. “I am proud to represent Tiger® – a brand known for its courageous spirit. Breaking barriers while remaining true to myself is one of the ways I resonate with Tiger®. Together, I hope we can inspire everyone to uncage their inner passions while remaining unafraid of what others might say,” said G-DRAGON, the Official Global Tiger® brand ambassador.

“As a brand born and brewed in Singapore, we take great pride in our Asian heritage and Tiger Soju Infused Lager represents our efforts to celebrate the richness of Asian culture. Tiger® has always been bold in defying conventions and courageous in pursuing creative innovations. Today, we continue to push boundaries and shape the future of beer and beyond with this latest innovation. With a bold twist on lager and an exciting fusion of flavours, Tiger® will inspire consumers to discover and immerse themselves in new experiences,” said Gerald Yeo, Marketing Director at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

Now available in Singapore, Tiger Soju Infused Lager comes in two natural flavours — Gutsy Grape and Cheeky Plum — with an ABV of 5.5%. Experience the refreshing taste with a bold twist at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, and participating off-trade and online retail channels.


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