Jung Yong Hwa invited his fans to a gorgeous night at 華麗和夜 Fan meeting in Macau

Hong Kong – 2023, Jung Yong Hwa , Leader of the Korean boy band CNBLUE, held his fan meeting 《Jung yong hwa 2023 Fan Meeting”華麗和夜” in Macau》on 7th May 2023.

He was thrilled to see a lot of his fans as it has been a long time for Yong Hwa to meet overseas fans because of Covid-19 Pandemic. For an almost 2 hours show, Yong Hwa performed《You’re so fine》,《Star, you》,《Dimples》(By JJ Lin),《Checkmate》,《Fireworks》and 《Goodnight Lover》.

Followed up by his greeting to his fans. Yong Hwa said “Hello everyone~ I’m Yong Hwa. It’s been a long time since I last see you guys in Macau. About 6 years? I missed you very much!” in Chinese.

The talk Session was divided into 4 different parts.

《#1 Brain🧠》《#2 Do Re Mi Fa So🎶》《#3 Live🎙️》《#4 Boice❤️》

《#1 Brain🧠》

Jung Yong Hwa acted as Shin Ha Ru in KBS drama Brain Works. He mentioned, in order to make the cold storage scene with Cha Tae Hyun much more realistic, they filmed it in a real cold storage.  “I remembered that it was super cold. But I am a genius brain Dr in the show and in real life, it wasn’t hard for me. I have to memorize a lot of lines when I am doing a concert tour.
This is my first time acting in this kind of role, so I enjoyed it a lot.”

《#2 Do Re Mi Fa So🎶》

There is a boy band audition audition survival called THE IDOL BAND : BOY’S BATTLE which Yong hwa plays a part in it as a producer. “I’ve never produced for other artists. I have to do it properly when I do it, so I keep in touch with them (Hi-Fi Unicon) a lot and I worked hard to produce a song that fits them.”

Yong Hwa sang a little bit of the song《Do Re Me Fa So》

《#3 Live🎙️》

CNBLUE Zepp Tour(Left)JJ20 World Tour in HK(Middle)2023 JUNG YONG HWA Live ‘ALL-ROUNDER'(Right)

Recently, Yong Hwa was a guest at JJ LIN’s concert in Hong Kong .
He asked if the fans were there as well. He mentioned that he had a new goal recently and its to hold a concert at that same venue that JJ Lin had held his concert at which is the Central Harbourfront Event Space.

JJ Lin said that Yong Hwa, “You can definitely do it, I’ll give you courage!” when he told JJ that he want to held a concert at the same venue. Yong Hwa also mentioned “ I would love to enjoy the view of the ferries wheel while performing at such an amazing performance venue. I think i can do it if you guys still here~”

It was raining heavily that day during the JJ Lin concert in Hong Kong. Yong Hwa thought it would be cancelled and he might need to go back. But he was really lost as he really want to perform and it has been sometime since he visited Hong Kong.

But when the show began, it stopped raining. So he hope that when its was his turn, please give him lots of support and hope so he can perform there as well.

《#4 Boice❤️》

Q&A time

Question : “Can’t drink coffee for 1 week vs Can’t eat Beijing duck for 1 year”

YH: All the same, I will choose coffee. I need to drink coffee everyday. If i can’t eat Beijing duck, i will eat BBQ pork(燒乳豬) because it is more expensive.

Question :”Asking for 2 ticket of Hong Kong concert”

YH: I think I need to think about this. This is not a question, is a request.

Question : “You were the first person to let me know K-pop, love K-pop and know Korean. Thank you.”

YH: I am happy when I hear this type of works.我聽到這些話 我感到很開心。I will be your last kpop artist.

Question: Yong Hwa, When will you comeback?”

YH : I have prepared a lot of songs for comeback. Many good songs, so I need to decide use which song. Will comeback as soon as possible.

Thank you to Kulture Entertainment for the invitation.

Photo and article credits : Karl


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