VIXX Ken spends memorable time with fans at his autograph session in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2023 – After 6 years, VIXX Ken came to Hong Kong and held an autograph session at the V WALK shopping mall. Braving the heavy rain and bad weather, fans of the star (Starlight) came to the shopping mall early in the morning to wait for Ken’s appearance.

Coinciding with Ken’s birthday on April 6th, the event day is one month later on May 7th. V WALK mall prepared a bouquet of gifts for Ken to celebrate his birthday. Lucky Starlight even came to the stage to draw a birthday card for Ken, and Ken also participated Painting, as well as a tacit understanding test game, let Xingguang and Ken interact. After completing the game mission with Xingguang, Ken responded to Xingguang’s requests for photos, autographs and hugs one by one, making Xingguang present very envious.

Ken said in the autograph session that he really wanted to go to Hong Kong with Starlight to go to Disneyland, but unfortunately the schedule was too tight and he couldn’t arrange it. In addition, he himself likes to eat shrimp, and he hopes to eat delicacies such as shrimp dumplings and Fujian fried rice. During the autograph session, Ken carefully prepared two songs, namely the Korean song METEOR SHOWER and the Chinese song I want to know what you are thinking. Xingguang also held up the “always on” sign to express that he will always support Ken and the chorus. Ken said frankly that he was very touched and gained a lot of strength from Xingguang. The scene was very warm. Ken also distributed fan benefits during the event. During the group photo, he kept changing poses at the request of Starlight, and walked the audience to say hello to Starlight and even took selfies. He was very friendly and heartwarming.


時隔六年,Ken@VIXX再次來到香港活動,在V WALK商場舉行簽唱會,當天在暴雨的惡劣天氣下,無阻粉絲(星光)一早來到商場內等候Ken的出現。

適逢 Ken的生日在4月6,活動日是一個月後的5月7日,V WALK商場準備了花束禮物給Ken補慶生日,幸運的星光更上台為Ken畫生日卡,Ken也一起參與作畫,還有做默契考驗遊戲,讓星光和Ken 互動。跟星光完成遊戲任務後,Ken把星光想合照、簽名和擁抱的請求都一一應下,令在場的星光都十分羨慕。

Ken在簽唱會中表示很想去跟星光一起香港去迪士尼樂園遊玩,可惜行程緊湊不能安排,另外他本身就很喜歡吃蝦,最希望吃到比如蝦餃和福建炒飯等美食。簽唱會中Ken用心準備了兩首歌,分別為韓文歌METEOR SHOWER和中文歌想知道你在想什麼。星光也舉起「一直在」的手幅表示會一直支持Ken和大合唱,Ken坦言非常感動和從星光身上得到很多力量,場面十分溫馨。Ken更在活動中大派粉絲福利,大合照時應星光要求不斷換姿勢,又走了全場和星光打招呼甚至自拍,十分親民暖心.

Article by Andrea

Photos by Jonathan


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