Highlight successfully concludes fan meet in Macau

Macau, 2023 – It was raining heavily in Macau on Sunday, May 14th, but it didn’t deter Highlight fans (Light) to come to Macau Broadway stage to meet Highlight (Yoon Doo-joon, Yang Yo-seob, Lee Gi-kwang, and Son Dong-woon). The highlight of this meeting was held in the form of a “sports meeting” theme among the members, which was very novel and energetic, and the members’ sense of variety also made the audience fully involved.

The “sports meeting” includes playing table tennis, such as carrying a basket to catch slippers thrown by the opponent, and having members of the team completing a relay race within 90 seconds, in which each member will get a corresponding score. Yang Yo-seob, who won the championship in the previous fan meeting, did not retain his championship position, as the first place in Macau fanmeeting was won by Yoon Doo-joon Yin Doojoon.

Highlight, then sang and danced to popular songs such as Daydream, Hey yeah, Play and Seven Wonders. When singing S.I.L.Y (Say I Love You), the Lights even turned on their mobile phone lights to reflect the heart-shaped hand signs in support, forming a heart-shaped sea.

During the group photo session, the Lights even prepared a support video. When the video was played, they raised their hand banners together. The content of the hand blessing was “Thank you for coming to us again”. The scene was very warm and touching. The members of Highlight said that they saw heavy rain in Macau and before the meeting, were worried whether the Lights would come, so they were very grateful for the support. They also hope that the Lights can take care of themselves and that everyone is in good health. During encore, the members put on energetic white T-shirts and light blue jeans, and successfully concluded the meeting with relaxing songs, Whatever and Lovely Day.

More official photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=StarArenaHD&set=a.628290925983274



換下運動服棒球衣的Highlight,以黑白色色系舞台服示人,唱跳Daydream, Hey yeah,Play和Seven Wonders等大熱歌曲。在唱S.I.L.Y (Say I Love You)時,Light們更是亮着手機燈去映照心形的手幅應援,形成一片心形海。

全場大合照環節時,Light們更是準備了應援影片,影片播放時一同舉起手幅,手福內容是「感謝你們再次來到我們身邊」,場面十分溫馨感動。Highlight成員們坦言見到澳門下大雨,見面會開始前他們都擔心Light們會不會到來,所以非常感謝大家來支持他們。特別是尹斗俊、梁耀燮都生病了的情況下表演,是他們始料不及的事,他們也希望Light們能照顧好自己,大家都身體健康。Encore時,成員們換上了活力十足的白T-shirt 和淺藍色牛仔褲,在Whatever和Lovely Day輕鬆的歌曲下圓滿結束了是次的見面會。

Article by: Chan Po Ching


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