Kpop Girl Group Secret at 20th Asian Television Awards 2015

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Singapore, 2015 – Kpop girl group, Secret, attended and performed at the 20th Asian Television Awards Live Show, which was held an Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore, on 3rd December 2015.

It was the first time in 20 years that the awards was open to the members of the public and this year’s live awards show was joined by a 3000 strong crowd and numerous celebrities. The crowd was also treated to performances by Indonesia’s Anggun, Swedish boy band JTR, Taiwan’s Jeff Chang and Korean girl group Secret. Secret performed ‘Im in Love’ and ‘Love is Move’ and also expressed that they were glad to be back in Singapore and honoured to be performing at the 20th Asian Awards Live Show. 

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This year’s Asian Television Awards also saw tight competition with more than 1,400 entries vying for the top prize. For the winners’ list, check out

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It’s Time for Secret!

song-jieun_19221589655_o2nd July 2015 – Secret kick-started their first ever Asia fan meeting in Singapore on 27th June 2015, at the Resorts World Theatre in Resorts World Singapore.

The night was brought alive with enthusiasm and excitement as fans cheered and screamed in joy at the sight of the initial curtain lift, bringing to view the four gorgeous members who immediately belted out top hits ‘Poison’ and ‘Madonna’.

Decked out in light pink outfits, the members greeted the excited Singapore fans individually in their own unique ways. Leader Hyoseong presented herself in English as the “Cutie & Sexy Leader” while member Sunhwa greeted everyone with “大家好” (Hello everybody in Mandarin) amidst screams from adoring fans.


When quizzed on what they’ve been busy with, Hyoseong shared that she’s been busy with her solo comeback which has been challenging but thoroughly enjoyable so far. Rapper Hana expressed that she had challenged acting for the first time in her life, and also disclosed that she is currently working on her solo album. Main vocalist Jieun, with her recent involvement in the TV drama – “The Superman Age“, was asked what super power she would like to have if she could choose one. She chose the power of being able to eat everything and not gain weight, drawing agreement from members and fans alike. Lastly, Maknae Sunhwa shared that she has been busy studying Mandarin, and flaunted her specially prepared Mandarin phrases with confidence and close to perfect enunciation. Perhaps fans can look forward to her possible foray into the Chinese acting market!

Prior to the start of the fan meet, fans were also given the chance to write down questions that they had for Secret. A curious fan asked: “Who can reach the highest note?” To this, members sang notes in a round-robin fashion but a clear winner was undecided as all of them gave their best and proved to be good at it. Secret was also asked: “Which member will get married first?” Jieun surprised Hyoseong as she thought her unnie would be the earliest in the group to get married – to which the leader quickly expressed that she wishes to get married late and thought that Hana would get married the fastest since she is currently attached. Hana agreed with Hyoseong and said that it was mainly because she felt that as a woman, being able to receive love was a very happy thing.


The fan meet quickly moved on to the anticipated ‘fan service’ segment, where four lucky fans gained an exclusive opportunity to play games with, and to get up close and personal with their favourite Secret members. In this round, members and fans were to play darts using the Kinect machine and the Secret member – Fan team with the highest accumulated points would win the game. Due to a slight technical mishap, the game could not proceed and all four fans lucked out, as not one, but all four of them managed to receive autographed water tumblers and a group photo polaroid!

To combat the hot sweltering heat in Singapore and for the passionate fans, Secret next performed the summer suitable upbeat song ‘Yoohoo’ and ‘Shy Boy’. During the performance of ‘Shy Boy’, Sunhwa was seen encountering some problems with her ear piece but kudos to her for maintaining her professionalism and smiles throughout the song. Secret also displayed dedication for their fans when they shared that the songs they had sung so far were chosen after they specially researched on which Secret songs Singapore fans favoured.

A second round of games ensued and this time round, four brave male fans who took off their tops the fastest were invited up on stage to stand a chance in winning prizes and a group photo with Secret through a game of charades. With the members acting out the words and the fans guessing the words, Sunhwa‘s team emerged the winner and the lucky fan got a chance to take a solo shot with all four Secret members!


Secret ended the night with words of thanks and appreciation to the Singapore fans, and presented their final song of the night, ‘Together’, seemingly telling Secret Times that they will ‘always 언제나 forever with you’.

What’s a music stage without an encore, right? Secret came out one last time for an encore song after cheers of “Secret” and “Encore” were heard. Fans were left with warm happy feelings as the night ended off with a group photo and the upbeat song ‘Love is MOVE’. Lucky Cat 1 fans also had a chance for a high touch opportunity with their favourite Secret member.

Were you one of the enthusiastic screaming fans? Share with us your personal experience of that night! 

Article: Sylvie
Photos: Yushan

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