SHINee WORLD lit up in Hong Kong

SHINee-4Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment

Hong Kong, 2017 – South Korean popular boy group, SHINee, held their concert ‘SHINee WORLD’ in Hong Kong on 20th May at Asia World Expo. The quintet started of the concert with their hit songs ‘Hitchhiking’, ‘Married to the music, ‘ Why so serious’ and ‘Juliette’.

After a change of outfit, they continued the concert with ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Odd eye’. There was also a sexy dance segment in ‘Odd eye’ which ensued cheers and screams among the fans. SHINee then performed ‘Feel good’, which the fans sang along as well.

SHINee-3Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment

During ‘Trigger’, SHINee took out laser guns, which accompanied the amazing stage lighting to produce a very special and breathtaking visual effect. Taemin then performed his solo stage ‘Goodbye’. And of course, SHINee also performed ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and ‘Lucifer’, which almost everyone in the audience sang along to.

During the talk segment, Key shared that he is currently busy filming and that his work will be broadcasted really soon. Onew apologised for taking so long to come back to Hong Kong to meet fans. He then hinted that he might be acting and appearing on screen really soon.

SHINee-2Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment

The Hong Kong fans also prepared a fan event during ‘Aside’. They lit up the whole arena with a sea of coloured balloons. In addition to Taemin‘s solo stage, Onew and Jonghyun performed ‘Please, dont go’.

It is SHINee’s 9th anniversary on 25th May and before encore, fans sang happy birthday for the members to congratulate them. During ‘So Amazing’, SHINee also went around in moving carts and tossed autographed balls to the fans. During ‘An encore’, fans raised a banner that reads ‘꽃처럼아름다운만날’ and the concert ended on a perfect note.

SHINee-1Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment

SHINee WORLD彩色氣球震撼會場

香港,2017 – 人氣組合SHINee事隔五年再次來港開演唱會,在520我愛你(五月二十號)這個特別的日子於亞洲博覽館舉行。一開場以激光、煙花等效果加上勁歌熱舞為粉絲帶來’Hitchhiking’, ‘Married to the music’, ‘Why so serious’ , ‘Juliette’.

SHINee之後換上格仔衫獻唱了 ‘Black Hole’ ,’Odd eye’ 時配上sexy dance,令粉絲尖叫聲不斷,接著的 ‘Feel good’ 粉絲更是大聲跟唱。隨後SHINee身穿十分有性格的搖滾元素的外套,為大家帶來Trigger,並拿起激光搶,舞台效果一流。來到 ‘Sherlock’ 這首歌,火一般的瑩幕背景,畫面也十分震撼。接著是泰民的solo舞台 ‘Goodbye’,配以紅色綢段和流穌的服飾,帶來精彩的舞蹈。緊接著的大熱歌曲 ‘RingDingDong’ 和 ‘Lucifer’ 大家都興奮跟唱!


而粉絲們在 ‘Aside’ 時準備了彩色汽球應援,令現場一片彩色海,SHINee看到都覺得十分漂亮感動。除了泰民的solo舞台,溫流和鐘鉉兩人也表演了 ‘Please,don’t go’. 適逢5月25號就是SHINee出道9週年,粉絲在encore前就一直唱生日歌大聲祝賀。SHINee也特別為粉絲準備了移動車近距離接觸粉絲,在唱 ‘So Amazing’ 時繞場一圈,並拋簽名球給粉絲。
最後唱 ‘An encore’ 時,大家紛紛舉起手幅(像花兒一般的相遇),結束是次演唱會。


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