Endless cheers for NUEST W Special Concert in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, 2017 – Popular boy group NUEST W held their special concert in Hong Kong on 18th November at KITEC. Endless cheers were heard for this nearly two-hour concert and NUEST W performed more than 10 songs. 

Even before the start of the concert, many fans were already at the venue; giving out banners, merchandise, and lightsticks.

NUEST W began the concert with ‘HELLO’, ‘Good bye bye’ and ‘Just one day’ and fans were very generous with their screams as they cheered their idols on while waving their lightstick to the tempo fo the songs.

During the talking segment, NUEST W greeted the fans sincerely using Cantonese. Aron also used his fluent English to express his gratitude and love for the fans. JR commented that this is their first time singing ‘Just One Day’ in Hong Kong and the lyric composer of the song, Baekho, added that this song talks about how it is sad to be apart and hope that there is one additional day to spend together.


After changing into pink suits, NUEST W then performed two songs. They then shared their impression of Hong Kong. All of them said that they love the night scene and delicacy. The quartet also prepared a special VCR where they spoke their heartfelt emotions towards fans and promised they will work harder to produce better performances in the future.

After the encore, NUEST W expressed that they will miss Hong Kong fans and Baekho promised them that they will be meeting the fans soon. We look forward to having NUEST back again!

香港,2017 – 本月18號晚上,NU’EST W在相隔兩年後,以大熱的姿態,再一次在當年舉行過showcase的九龍灣國際展貿中心開辦演唱會,並希望給粉絲看到他們的成長。

演唱會的開場曲用了Hello,Good bye bye還有Just One Day為演唱會拉開序幕。當中發行多年的Hello在最近的音源榜更有取得第一名,是NU’EST W再次爆紅的證明。在mnet環節中,JR特別講到Just One Day是第一次在香港演唱的,讓作曲作詞的白虎介紹內容,因爲每次道別都覺得很可惜,所以會想可不可以多一天的時間,是包含這些意思的歌曲。接著NU’EST W繼續為大家帶來精彩的演出,順序演唱了If you, ONEKIS2, Overcome 還有 Love paint.

演唱會中,NU’EST W專門找來櫈子坐下跟粉絲好好聊天,ARON不斷問L.O.Λ.E:Are you having a good time?引來粉絲大聲回應。時隔兩年再來香港,他們都覺得粉絲的反應比上一次要熱烈。隊長JR建議講多些關於香港的話題,REN立刻說香港的粉絲在他眼中是很漂亮的,而且香港是一個美麗的城市,又出名購物,希望大家給他介紹購物的地方。而白虎則希望能去尖沙咀觀賞「幻彩詠香江」。來自LA的ARON很是想去香港的迪士尼,要跟L.O.Λ.E一起去,REN也想去玩機動遊戲,還有想去女人街逛逛。

JR覺得香港除了夜景出名之外,美食也是不可不知的,成員們都嘗過蛋塔,芒果汁,點心還有餛飩麵,他們回到酒店還有L.O.Λ.E為他們準備的食物,覺得十分感動,約好粉絲如果來韓國的話,他們要請回粉絲食東西,成員們還打趣說太多約定了,要拿紙筆記下來才行。NU’EST W還準備了簽名專輯抽給現場的粉絲,NU’EST W叫沒能抽到的粉絲也不用灰心,他們讓白虎唱中文歌想你的夜,JR解釋這是每一位L.O.Λ.E都能收到的禮物。之後成員們換上粉紅色西裝出場,表演了歡快的歌曲 introduce me to your noona, 把肩膀借給我, face, action, where you at, look 等歌曲。

最後encore時,他們特別告訴大家這是對他們而言幸福的時刻,所以準備了下一首歌: thank you,是為粉絲而準備的,有好多話都在歌詞裏面。他們最後拋簽名球給台下的L.O.Λ.E,再用廣東話說我愛大家,一起幸福快樂來結束這場演唱會。


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