Yoona holds successful fanmeeting in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2018 –  Organised by G Music, Big Honor Entertainment Limited, Wowstar Entertainment and Girls’ Generation member, Yoona, successful held her fan meeting in Hong Kong on 4th August. At the fan meet, Yoona impressed the crowd with her ability to speak Mandarin and spent an unforgettable time with the fans.  

During the fan meet, she also showcased her ability to cook and she definitely did not disappoint as she made a customized ‘Hong Kong egg waffle’ using fruits and shared it with fans. She also played several games with fans on stage.

She updated the fans that she had been busy preparing for her fan meets as well as filming a movie.

Yoona had also specially prepared many songs during this fan meet; she sang ‘When the winds blow’, ‘Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway’ and also ‘To You’, a song which she wrote the lyrics. In addition to Mandarin, it appeared that she had been practising Cantonese as she performed 明年今日 (song of Eason Chan) and sang it with good pronunciation.

It is evident that both Yoona and the fans thoroughly enjoyed this fan meet and we look forward to seeing more of Yoona and her work soon!

由G Music、大名娛樂、傲世娛樂文創及MONO International Limited聯合主辦的,少女時代成員潤娥首次個人巡迴見面會《YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in HONG KONG》已於2018年8月4日(星期六) 完滿結束。見面會上, 潤娥除了大晒中文能力外,也和粉絲進行不同類型的遊戲,展現了親切溫暖的一面。

曾經在綜藝節目《孝利家民宿》中大展廚藝的潤娥,繼引起熱潮的Waffle 後,這次潤娥為粉絲準備了「港式Waffle」雞蛋仔甜品,她利用不同食材如水果、威化等,製作出賣相精緻的雞蛋仔,然後親手送給粉絲。除了親手製作食物外,潤娥也抽出數位粉絲到台上進行不同類型的互動遊戲,如心靈感應和以身體動作猜謎的遊戲,跟粉絲進行近距離的接觸。主辦單位在演出前公開收集了粉絲想要問潤娥的問題,潤娥也大方地回答了問題,並在談話環節中秀出未曾公開的照片,當中更包括了日常工作的自拍照。

身為少女時代成員一員,當然少不了舞蹈和歌唱表演,潤娥分別唱了《When The Winds Blow》和《Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway》,以及早前在《孝利家民宿》中首度公開,由她自己作詞的《To You》。「中文十級」的潤娥,在見面會期間,少不了也利用她厲害的中文和觀眾溝通,除了中文,潤娥更特意苦練廣東話,在活動期間唱了廣東話歌《明年今日》,廣東話的發音十分標準,讓粉絲們十分驚喜和感動。

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