CL performs solo for the first time ever in Singapore at Hyperplay 2018

286917-CL performing at MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay on 4 Aug Pic 3 (Credit – MTV Asia)-dd0a3d-original-1533395463

(pic credit: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018)

Singapore, 2018 – Hyperplay, the first ever integrated ASEAN esports and music festival
happening at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, brought together avid fans on its first day, living up to the expectations of the festival’s hype and thrills. In celebration of our youths, fans got to immerse themselves in a range of esports action and music performances – the two key cultural cornerstones of the generation.

Kicking off the 1st MTV Spotlight, The Sam Willows took the crowd through an adventurous journey with a nine-track set. The quartet wasted no time in getting the party started by opening up the show with a good collection of their past and present upbeat hits.

286896-The Sam Willows performing at MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay on 4 Aug Pic 1 (Credit – MTV Asia)-3edadf-original-1533375364

(pic credit: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018)

Right after the 2nd semi-finals match, CL showcased why she’s indeed Asia’s Baddest Female as she returned to Singapore on the MTV Spotlight stage.

After 2NE1‘s disbandment in 2016, CL continued to perform as a solo artist in YG. Performing solo for the first time in Singapore, she showed no restraint and proved that she is an amazing performer. Her energy was still unmatched for and she showed a phenomenal performance.

286915-CL performing at MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay on 4 Aug Pic 2 (Credit – MTV Asia)-e6ae9c-original-1533395443

(pic credit: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018)

She sang a combination of Korean and English songs. She even performed a few 2NE1 songs much to the fans excitement. Her fans, also known informally as GZBs was up on their feet the whole time as they partied together with their favorite artist.

CL showed how excited she was to finally perform on stage. “I’m so happy that I’m able to continue to perform on stage. And able to make you guys feel some of way. To all my fans, blackjacks and GZBs, thank you!” she exclaimed before she left the stage.

286916-CL performing at MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay on 4 Aug Pic 1 (Credit – MTV Asia)-706cf8-original-1533395461

(pic credit: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018)

You can check out CL’s performances below!

(video credit: Hyperplay 2018)


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