Snow much fun with Viu this December

Singapore, 2022- And just like that, the year-end festivities are upon us! While it’s always fun celebrating with loved ones, don’t forget to take time off for yourself, and recharge those social batteries with Viu’s sentimental offerings! Whether you’re in the mood for love or looking to be kept at the edge of your seat, there’s something for everyone on Viu this December.

Looking for some alone time with bae? Catch the latest romance K-dramas first on Viu, starting with Red Balloon. The melodrama follows the lives of four people (Seo Ji-hye, Lee Sung-jae, Hong Soo-hyun and Lee Sang-woo) who are unhappy with their current lives and relationships, and become involved in dangerous relationships that may endanger their lives. If you’re looking to heal your soul and seek new perspectives, catch Summer Strike, a countryside healing drama about Lee Yeo-reum (Seolhyun) and Ahn Dae-bum (Im Si-wan) who leave their lives in the city to move to a quiet seaside village.

Fans of the hugely successful Work Later, Drink Now series can now catch the charismatic cast in its
second season!

Streaming on Viu from 10 Dec, with new episodes every Sat, 5 hours after Korea
This hugely successful series Work Later, Drink Now is back for a second season! The charismatic cast reprises their roles as television writer Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin), yoga instructor Han Ji-yeon (Han Sun-hwa), and origami YouTuber Kang Ji-goo (Eunji); with Yoon Shi-yoon joining the cast as Eunji’s on-screen love interest after his memorable cameo in Season 1.
Work Later, Drink Now 2 continues with the story of three best friends who, despite having very different jobs, find joy in enjoying a drink together after getting off work.

This one’s for our thrill seekers – Go Soo reprises his role in Missing: The Other Side 2 as Kim Wook, a talented con artist who chooses to use his skills for good in the riveting series about a village that holds
the souls of the missing and deceased.

Streaming on Viu from 20 Dec, with new episodes every Tues and Wed.
Starring Go Soo, Huh Joon-ho, An So-hee
Returning for a second season, Missing: New additions to the cast includes Lee Jung-run who plays Kang Eun-sil, a sea
captain with a mysterious past, and rising rookie actor Kim Dong-hwi as Oh Il-yong, who’s struggling to find out the truth behind his death.

Don’t forget to catch Song Joong-ki in Viu Original Reborn Rich, which is also currently the most watched show on Viu! Set in the turbulent ’80s, a devoted secretary (Song Joong-ki) from a chaebol family dies after being framed for fund embezzlement. Watch as he gets reborn as the family’s youngest son, Jin Do-joon, and exact his revenge by taking over the company.

Join Jun Hyun-moo and Jang Hyuk in Super Action to discover the best stunt team in Korea through a
series of daunting survival games and challenges that puts the contestants’ skills and techniques to the
test. Hop on the Korean dating reality show wave with Love Catcher in Bali! Its fourth season sees a
group of singles playing a psychological game between “love catchers” looking for love; and “money
catchers” vying to win a monetary prize.

If you’re an Army (BTS’ fanclub), be sure to catch RM, together with film director Jang Hang-joon, in The Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Unbelievable Human Beings as they welcome experts from various fields to discuss the big philosophical questions we all have in life.

Streaming on Viu from 3 Dec, with a new episode every Sat.
Starring Kim Nam-joon (RM), Jang Hang-joon (Film Director), Kim
(Novelist), Kim Sang-wook (Physicist), Lee Ho (Forensic Scientist),
Shim Chae-kyung (Astronomer)

New Korean Movies

Miss Baek
Streaming on Viu from 2 Dec, starring Han Ji Min, Kim Si A, Lee Hee Joon
Based on a true story, it stars Han Ji-min as Baek Sang-ah, a woman with a checkered past who grew up abused and neglected. She meets a girl with a similar past, and becomes determined to save her, even if it means risking her own life. A story of love of redemption that won Han Ji-min multiple best
actress awards, this is definitely a must-watch!

The Witch Part 2: The other one
Streaming on Viu from 31 Dec, starring Shin Si-ah, Jo Min-su, Park Eun-bin
Catch the highly anticipated sequel to The Witch: Part 1. The subversion that’s currently the fifth highest grossing film in Korea! The sequel sees a girl (Shin Si-ah), the lone survivor of a secret laboratory, who
finds herself being chased by different groups of people who all want to capture her for their own purpose.

Oh! My Gran
Streaming on Viu from 2 Dec, starring Na Moon-hee, Lee Hee-jun, Choi Won-young, Park Ji-young, Lee Jin-joo.
In the peaceful town of Geumsan, Du-won’s daughter Bo-mi gets involved in a hit-and-run accident that leaves her unconscious and injured in the hospital. The only witness is Moon-hee, her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and remembers nothing about the accident. Just as they’re getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress, Moon Hee finds a clue from the accident, and together, they set off to
find the person that caused it.


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